Plantlist: HAMMONDS Plant List

Hammonds, trade book binding and trade print finishing, up to B1 size


4 machines, folding up to B1 size.

Perfect Binding

2 automated binding lines with in-line trimming ideal for short to medium runs. Book block feeder ideal for multi pass work.

Kolbus Ratiobinder Perfect Binding Line including PUR
18 stations

Horizon Perfect Binding Line - ideal for short runs and digital printed work.

Gather Stitch Trim

Muller Martini Bravo T Stitching Line
6 automatic stations plus 2 hand-fed stations

Duplo System 5000 Pro Booklet maker
Fully automated stitcher / folder which can be used as a stand-alone booklet maker or in-line. Ensures clean accurate folds and perfectly square booklets.

Horizon Stitchliner
Fully automated stitching line ideal for digitally printed work

Case Making

Horauf BDM30 Case maker
with spine insertion and 3rd Board Feed

Hand Casing In

Versamatic Casing in machine
PBE Hot Foil Blocking machine
Double Platen Hydraulic Press
Assorted hand case making, creasing, binding and stapling facilities

Akebono OB-300 Bander

Section Sewing

2 sewing machines, one automatic and one hand fed

Astronic 180

Martini HA 35 Semi Automatic

Spiral Binding

2 Pfaffle machines with manual punch and high volume automatic punch

Wiro Binding
2 wiro binding machines with 3 automatic and semi-automatic paper/board punching

Thermal Laminating

Proteus B1 Thermal Laminator
Matt, gloss & recyclable options available


3 machines

Ancillary Machines

2 x Morgana SRA3 Auto Creasers
Monotype Boston Single Head
Nagel Citoborma 480AB - 4 Head Pillar Drill
IRAM 12 - 4 Headed Drill
ID Packaging HP 5 L Sealer
OMG Automatic Sleeve Wrapper

Shrink Wrapping

Please contact us if you require further details such as dimensions and full specifications.