HAMMONDS Wiro & Spiral Binding

Hammond Bindery - Wiro & Spiral Binding
Hammond Bindery - Wiro & Spiral Binding

We offer BOTH wiro binding AND spiral binding services.

This type of binding is most commonly used for diaries, map books, atlases and other publications where it is desirable to be able to open the publication back on itself without breaking the spine.

For spiral binding a continuous wire coil is used, which is 'locked' at the end as pictured (top).

In wiro binding, separate wire loops are used to bind the book through each punched hole along the spine.

The styles of wiro binding (also known as wire-o) we offer include:

  • Standard wire-o binding
  • Half Canadian wire-o binding
  • Wire-o bind on to flap
  • Wire-o glued into case
  • Wire-o wrap around binding
  • Skip wire-o binding

For both types of binding a hard cover can be used for durability, with options for printed paper covers, with matt or gloss lamination. The inside covers can also have a printed page attached.

Other options include polypropylene protective covers, hardback drywipe board covers, corner pockets and clip in rulers.

You can request a quote for wiro or spiral binding, or any of our services by completing our online Quote Request Form or by email your job specification to our team.