HAMMONDS Perfect Binding

Hammond Bindery - accredited book binding and print finishing services,  to ISO 9001 quality standard and ISO 14001 environmental standard.

Perfect binding is usually used for paperback books, journals, magazines, prospectuses and brochures.

Options for perfect binding currently include burst, notch, slot and lock bound. We can advise on which would be the most suitable method to suit the end product. The options give different levels of strength for longer lasting, more durable publications than ordinary perfect binding.

We also offer PUR binding allowing us to offer the strongest binding option possible for catalogues, manuals, directories, books and other publications.

We can bind from your ready folded sections or from flat sheets as we also offer folding services up to B1 size.

Folded sections are collated into order and 3mm ground off the spine to allow the glue to be absorbed. The cover is then added and the remaining sides trimmed to size giving the finished item.

The treatment of the spine differs depending on the type of binding required, e.g. for notch binding, notches are cut into the spine to allow a greater surface area for the glue to adhere to. Lock binding gives the most strength for this type of binding without using PUR adhesives.

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